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Oh look, I'm crying, no surprise.

Oh god, Blaine. I just want to hold him in my arms and never let him go. Poor thing.

Oh my god tears. Poor Blaine. I want to give him such a huge hug.

Oh, this is so heartbreaking. I was right, yours was totally better than my little joke drabble (I'm touched at the mini shout-out, though). <3

This is heartbreaking and so beautiful.

I've always appreciated the way that you just simply tap into Blaine's emotions; what he's thinking, feeling, doing. His reasoning.

But what I love most about this is your writing of Emma. Your writing captured her compassion for her students. I could literally picture her adorable doe eyes and soft voice.

I am continuously blown away by your writing.

Ahh the angst! Poor lonely Blaine :( You are probably the only person I trust to write Blaine angst. It just kills me but you do a wonderfully perfect job of it. Lovely fic.


I don't know how I missed getting the opportunity to read this one until now, but... OWWW. Poor Blaine. That final question of his is what wrecked me, the pleading "I turned out okay, though, I think?" Oh my gosh... OW, OW, OW.

Your writings always slay my poor heart.


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