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I've finally written enough for there to be multiple pages of my blog, so here's everything in one handy list!!

GENERAL DISCLAIMERS AND WARNINGS: I do not own Glee, nor do I own any of the characters I write about.

I do not ever intend to offend or cause harm to any of my readers. Much of what I write comes from a place of personal experience, and as such, can be very triggering or upsetting to read. Please, please, please-heed any and all trigger warnings on these! I'd rather my readers be safe and healthy than anything else.  <3

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Fic: Primum Non Nocere, Epilogue

March 3, 2028

“Blaine, Kayley Williams is back for her follow up, I put her in room three to wait for you. Are you almost done with the chart on Mitch?”

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Fic: Primum Non Nocere 3b/3

February 12, 2018

“Is that your phone?” Jaclyn asks, looking up from her textbook. “Vibrating?”

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Fic: Primum Non Nocere 3a/3

August 28, 2017

“As osteopathic physicians, we seek to treat the patient as a whole, not as a disease or a sum of parts,” the professor begins the lecture with a few slides on the history of osteopathic medicine, and Blaine sets his pen down as he sits back to just listen instead of take notes. “We use everything the modern allopathic physician uses to treat disease-drugs, surgeries, and medical interventions-but we have a hidden tool up our sleeves that allows us to connect more fully with the patients we treat.

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Fic: Primum Non Nocere 2b/3

March 3, 2015

“Hey, newbie, you ready to roll?”

Blaine smiles as his supervisor, Andrew, finishes answering the call, grabbing the supply bag as he follows the older man out to the ambulance.

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Fic: Primum Non Nocere 2a/3

August 31, 2013

Blaine spends his first week on campus in total awe of the school, soaking in everything he can about his dorm life, his roommates, and his classes. He tags along to a few dorm parties with Bryce, and quickly learns that the intolerance he’d heard about when applying to Notre Dame only applies to a small section of the student body. He feels incredibly welcomed by the people he meets, and starts to enjoy the time he shares with his vocal performance classmates.

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Fic: Primum Non Nocere 1/3

September 2, 2015

“Anderson, come on, live a little,” Bryce Johnson implores his roommate, lobbing a stress ball at Blaine’s head and snorting when it bounces off without a reaction, rolling away to come to a rest under their futon. He jumps down from his loft bed with a thud, coming up behind Blaine to see what’s on his laptop screen.

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Fic: Primum Non Nocere (Masterpost)

Title: Primum Non Nocere

Author: fides_rationem/drcryblainecry

Artist: leaf-falling

Beta: cupcakesdefygravity23

Word Count: approx. 28,000

Rating: PG-13

Characters/Pairings: Blaine Anderson, Male OC, Kurt Hummel, Blaine's Mom, Cooper Anderson, Original Characters; Eventual Klaine pairing

Warnings: some brief descriptions of medical situations, and references to canonical gay-bashing

Summary: After Kurt breaks up with him, unable to handle a long-distance relationship, Blaine finds himself re-evaluating the path he's been on, and what he wants out of life. Eight months later, Blaine finds himself on a pre-medical track at a private college in the Midwest, defying everyone's expectations for his life after McKinley. Applying is tough, getting in is harder, but surviving medical school? It's going to take everything Blaine has to give. Throughout his journey to medical school and beyond, he learns a lot about himself, and along the way reconnects with the person he'd thought he'd lost forever. Canon compliant until Makeover. Medical School!AU.

A/N: This fic is my baby, and it was definitely a labor of love. As many of my followers on tumblr know, I recently started medical school after a lot of trips and stumbles along the way. I wanted to write this story as a chance to sort through my own experiences and to give you all a little glimpse into the life of a premedical and medical student. I also shamelessly used this as a platform to present Osteopathic medicine to my readers, something a lot of people don't really know much about. I really, really loved writing this, and exploring medicine through Blaine's eyes, and I hope you all like it, too.

Additionally, I'm a Notre Dame alum, and that's where I sent Blaine. No shame. NYCOM as it exists in this story is NOT a real school, though there is a New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. The school Blaine attends in this story is fictional.

Many thanks to my wonderful, wonderful artist, Deb, who more than exceeded my expectations and created so many beautiful pieces to go with this story. Her gorgeous work gave me the push I needed to put the finishing touches on the story. Thanks to the countless people who encouraged and loved me through writing this, and to my darling Sarah for offering to beta even though she doesn't like Klaine <3

(Part One)
(Part Two, a) (Part Two, b)
(Part Three, a) (Part Three, b)

Bonus Scenes:

(Blaine's Personal Statement)

Link to Art:

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Fic: Moments
Author: fides_rationem
Artist: ricoka
Rating (Art/Fic): G/PG-13
Word Count: 6900
Warnings: Mentions of combat violence; minor descriptions of severe bodily injury; takes place in a hospital setting
Summary: Kurt Hummel is a civilian nurse at an American military hospital overseas. Blaine Anderson is an injured, comatose soldier on Kurt's ward. Inexplicably drawn to Blaine, Kurt finds himself befriending a young man who can't even respond to him. Military!Klaine AU. Kurt/Blaine Reversebang 2013 Entry.

A/N: I had an amazing time writing this for Carina's gorgeous art, and working with her to develop the idea for the story. All the thanks in the world to her for putting up with the crazy things that happened in my life and delayed some of the fic, and for being such a great partner :) Thanks also to the darling cupcakesdefygravity23 for the beta, and holytoetouchblaine for providing the incredibly inappropriate German, as well as all her encouragement ;) And thanks also to my tumblr cheerleaders, especially eightsidewalks <3

Link to Art

Enjoy the Story!

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Fic: Ties That Bind
Title: Ties That Bind
Author: fides_rationem (drcryblainecry)
Beta: cupcakesdefygravity23
Word Count: ~2600
Rating: PG
Pairing: Blaine + Cooper brotherly love, no romantic pairings
Warnings: Brief allusions to a canonical gay-bashing
Summary: Cooper’s nine the first time he meets Blaine, but he’s twenty-three before he realizes that he doesn’t know his brother at all.

A/N: Written for the Anderson Brothers Mini!Bang 2013. This is fairly different from things I've written in the past, as it's very reflective, I think, but I really enjoyed writing this. Thank you to the ever lovely Sarah (cupcakesdefygravity23) for the beta and the support. I hope you all enjoy!

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